Spirit Babies: New dates to be advised

Many of us live with a little empty nest inside ourselves. This can have an unseen impact in our day-to-day lives.

It’s a place where we hold our grief for the babies we lost or gave up along the way through miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or adoption. 

Spirit Babies is a 3-day immersion that fully support you to explore and express the range of emotions you may still be carrying, without judgment or expectation of how you ‘should’ be feeling. Click Here for more information.

Level 1 Facilitator Training: June 26 - 28

Now is the time for us to gather Sisters! Please join me for a 3-Day intensive Facilitator Training Program as you learn the art of creating Sacred Sister Circles. Click here for more information.

Level 2 Facilitator Training: Oct 29 - Nov 1

The Level Two Facilitator Training is a deep dive into your own individual and unique medicine. It is an opportunity to discover and reignite ancient traditions that have lain dormant in your lineages. It is a path of conscious engagement with the natural world and the world of Spirit. 

It is an opportunity for you to step fully into your role as a lantern-holder for the women of your community, as they cross the bridge of remembrance. Click here for more information.

More dates coming soon...