Womb Belts

Our womb is a precious portal of creation and through it we nurture and birth new life in all ways. Life force energy exquisitely merging with form.

The wise ways of our ancient ancestors remind us how to care for this miraculous portal through prayer, intention and working with our benevolent Spirit allies. 

When we tend to this incredible cosmic gateway by cleansing, nourishing and protecting it, we demonstrate our understanding and willingness to invite unlimited creative potential into existence.

This understanding (remembering) led me to create Womb Belts as powerful tools for women to honour and safeguard this sacred portal of creation. 

Used in many cultures throughout human history, they provide protection and power when worn in Ceremony or when working as a healer or facilitator. 

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Wearing a consecrated Womb Belt when doing any kind of energy or Spirit work can:

  • support and enhance your personal sovereignty by helping you retain your personal prana / energy

  • create a powerful shield that allows for creative energy to be contained and maintained so you are not ‘leaking energy’ 

  • cleanse and protect your womb space from unwelcome entities that may have set up ‘home’ in your personal cauldron (womb space)

  • allow for co-creativity to flow, unhindered into intentional manifestation

  • be seen across dimensions as a powerful sacred tool that honours and celebrates your ability to co-create in this reality.

  • support you as a sacred space holder and healer and reduce the need for post ceremony / session clearing.

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Sacred Tool Making - Womb Belts

These Womb Belts are the product of intentional co-creation and manifestation with Spirit. 

Several years ago I attended a incredible workshop called 'The Empress and The Dragon' TM created and facilitated by Sharon Bolt and Caitlin Priday.

A powerful seed of inspiration was planted during this workshop that bloomed into the idea of customised Womb Belts.

As anyone who co-creates in this world knows, inspiration comes through us and I find that I am guided strongly in many ways when I am making the belts. No two are the same. Each one wants its own unique medicine to be expressed and birthed. As I make them, they show me clearly how they want to look and when they are finished. 

Some are elaborate, and some are simple in design, but they are all made with loving intention, knowing that they will make their way to the wombs that are calling them in.

Each of the belts that I make are in collaboration with elemental allies that have protective and healing power such as smokey quartz, obsidian, hematite and amethyst.

Each belt has a 3-panel pocket inside the belt that covers the sacra chakra / lower dantian for inserting salt, crystals, symbols and prayers of protection. Each belt comes with a protective crystal included in the price.

All belts tie up at the back and are adjustable in size.

All the belts are made with reverence and intention and prayers. When each belt is finished, it is cleared and blessed, ready to be consecrated by the new owner. Instructions on how to do this are sent with each belt.

If you are calling in a womb belt, I would love to make one for you. Each commission is a collaboration between you, me and our allies.

For enquiries, please email at and I will send you further information.

Prices for the belts range from $222 - $444 depending on materials used.

Below is a recent interview with Rebecca Needs from The Women's Collective. We talk about our wombs as Stargates, the seasons of our menstrual cycle, rites of passage and making sacred tools. Thanks Bec for such a lovely chat!