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Quest of the Queen - A Coronation Journey

 September 20-22nd Melbourne, Victoria

We warmly welcome all mid life women to the Quest of the Queen! An inner quest of self discovery, initiation and purpose.

The middle stage in a woman’s life has the potential to be the most powerful stage of all.

Known by many names, we call it the time of the Queen. 

The Queen is a potent culmination of the wisdom born of many hard-won life lessons that have strengthened and softened her into a compassionate way-shower.

She has the capacity and endurance of one who has met the needs of so many in her life, and now chooses to get up each day in service to Self and the greater good.

She has journeyed into the deep recesses of her Soul and has discovered clarity of purpose. She has the drive and determination to steer her realm into peaceful times for her descendants.

To evolve into this version of the Queen, we must go through an alchemical journey of transformation.

This mid-life journey can be a very challenging time for many women – change is inevitable. In a society that worships maidenhood, women may resist entering this gateway. 

No matter how much we avoid this, our menopausal journey and Chiron return (a powerful astrological portal) brings up all that is unhealed. If no previous or preparatory work is done, this can feel like our world is crumbling…old wounds, unresolved issues and blocked emotions start to bubble up for reconciliation, remedy and resolve. 

This can be a confusing time.. many women find that careers, friendships and relationships end or change.. nothing is the same again…

You don’t have to do this alone. We are passionate about creating communities where women can support each other through this powerful gateway.

There's never been a more precarious time to go through this transition, our world is changing rapidly and so this change may feel ever more stressful due to the current collective issues. 

In the immersion, we will be exploring what it means to be a Queen in our own world and every area of our life.

What is ready to be healed and released during this time of transition? 

How do we create balance and alignment while we journey through so much change? 

What is calling you forward into this next chapter? 

What legacy would you love to create?


Over the 3 days we will be gently questing for right-direction and alignment through specifically designed rituals, processes and practices that support deep communion with our all aspects of Self, our Loving Ancestors, the Elements, Mother Nature and Great Creator.

~ What will this next stage of life look like for you?

~ What changes are occurring on a physical, emotional and Spiritual level to help prepare you?

~ How would you like to contribute to the best possible timeline for all those who share this reality?

~ How can you bring healing to your past, reconciliation to your life, wonder to the present and purpose to your future?

~ How can you work with inner alchemy to turn your experiences and past pain into true wisdom?

~ What do you need to surrender in order to achieve a deeper state of peace?

~ What do you need to embrace to be who you are meant to be?

~ How can you align with your Soul during this key life stage?

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Who is this Quest for?

~ Mid life Women who understand the importance of taking time to rest and quest at this point in their lives so that they are resourced and inspired moving forward 

~ Women who are peri-menopausal or post-menopausal who would like to understand the spiritual significance of these transitions and empower themselves through these changes 

~ Those who are not quite mid-life yet but are wanting to prepare for this chapter 

~ Older women who are wanting to revisit and consciously walk through this gateway so they are walking their original and intended timeline 

During this Immersion we will be going on a group journey into the common themes of this gateway from a mind, body and spirit perspective. 

This immersion is a golden opportunity to step into inner leadership and vision for your next chapter in a supportive and nurturing environment. 

This immersion is trauma-informed and deeply restorative. This is more than sisterhood, this is a meeting of Queens that are ready to step up and rule their kingdom with love, compassion and boundaries. 


September 20-22nd, 2024


Celebrate this rite of passage with us over 3 days in greater Melbourne at Vine and Branches

Set in a beautiful private property overlooking a gorgeous landscape, this is the perfect place for us to journey deeply together over the 3 days.

Please note this is not a residential retreat. Participants are invited to source their own accommodation nearby so they can return to their own chambers each evening to integrate the alchemy of each day. This allows participants to adjust their level of accommodation based on their needs and budgets.


We are thrilled to be partnering with a local business so that we are well-nourished for our time. The meals will be sourced and prepared with love and intention and will cater for dietary requirements.

(Please note that any deviations from a standard diet incur an additional charge.)


$2222 AUD incl GST

(Payment Plan Exchange is $2277 inc GST which includes $55 administration fee)

This includes:

  • 3 full days of facilitation through carefully crafted content that takes participants on a Soul level quest. 
  • A Saturday evening Ceremony held within a Shamanic Energy Training Medicine Wheel
  • 3 lunches and 1 evening meal lovingly prepared by our caterer
  • A follow up group integration session 1 month after the retreat (online)

Please note this price does not include accommodation. Participants are encouraged to find accommodation close to the venue.


Kind Words from 2023 Participants:

This was the most nourishing, loving and amazing weekend. Words cannot describe the shifts in my timeline and those of my children. Thank you ladies for such an honoring of our Queendom. DW

Thank you Kate and Sharon for weaving together such an exquisite immersion filled with so much goodness... The spaces you co-create together are a medicine for the Heart and Soul! It was a privilege and great joy to assist you with this beautiful and much needed women's work. Enormous love and gratitude to you both. JBC

So blessed to have been a part of this life changing experience. It was so magical. CB 

One of the best experiences of my life!

I highly recommend this amazing weekend for anyone who feels the call. It was transformational, joyful, powerful and heart-opening connecting with amazing like-minded women. BH

I was instantly drawn to Quest of the Queen and in fact big life changes started happening for me as soon as I signed up in relation to my own work. Having participated in a course with Kate and Sharon before I knew it would be powerful, as their individual breadth of knowledge and experience perfectly compliment one other. Deep yet gentle experiential learning held in sacred and beautiful space. Many personal ’aha’ moments during the weekend and I have walked away feeling reconnected to myself and my pathway forward for my next chapter. Delicious food, lots of laughter and creative fun in the mix too. I can highly recommend Quest of the Queen! SJ

Your Facilitators - Sharon Bolt and Kate Reed

Facilitators of women’s work for over 40 years combined (!) Sharon and Kate hold space with embodied compassion and a good dose of humour.

Both women are in the menopause portal themselves and are a wealth of wisdom regarding the highs and lows and everything in between.

You can be assured that the weekend will meet you exactly where you are at in life and provide the opportunity for growth, connection and lots of cup-filling nourishment.

‘We can’t wait to gather with the Queens and go on this beautiful journey together. We welcome you with open arms, as we quest through the challenges and claim the crown for this next life chapter!’

Photo taken on a hillside in France in between baguette and croissant stops! Just prior to entering into "The Meno Portal!'


Sharon Bolt

Sharon is an invaluable resource for people to connect to their Soul’s true calling and run successful heart-led businesses. 

 As a spiritual business and creativity mentor, she shares with others how to weave powerful ancient wisdom into their offerings. She co-runs Shamanic Energy Training, a school that trains Shamanic Magicians. 

 A prolific creator of life changing content, her focus is on mentoring facilitators, spiritual teachers and healers on ethical and integral spirit work.  

For Sharon's full bio, please click here.

Kate Reed

Kate has been devoted to women's work her whole life. She is the founder of The Sister Circles, a heart-led business that is aimed at supporting women to understand themselves at ever deepening levels whilst they journey through life.

Now in her mid-life season, the focus of Kate's offerings are directed towards Soul growth and Spiritual awakening with her 1.1. clients and course participants. 

For Kate's full bio, please click here.

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