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Pollinate - A Bee Ceremony

Beautiful friends

We would love to welcome you to a gentle afternoon in the Fairy Garden to honour our beloved bee allies in Ceremony.

This Ceremony has been created with loving intention to give thanks, and pay homage to the bees and their multi-dimensional weavings in our world. 

This celebration will provide participants with the opportunity to connect with bee consciousness and be inspired by the divine intelligence of the medicine and frequency that they carry. As we move into 2024 this will be a magickal space to wonder, dream and receive inspiration for the year ahead. 

As the bees show us, this is the perfect time of the year to pollinate our inner and outer gardens and fill our ‘hives’ with all the nourishment we can gather as we head into the second half of the wheel of the year and start the descent that follows Summer Solstice. 

We are all part of the garden of life and each hold specific gifts of how we can contribute to the collective. Before the quickening of the year really starts to take off, this afternoon is an opportunity to lay on the earth in appreciation and wonder. It is a call to deeply listen and be in gnosis with the wisdom of nature and to allow the abundant medicine of the Bees to Pollinate your Path Ahead. 

Contained within a Shamanic Medicine Wheel and settled amongst the blooms of the garden, we will journey with the bees for reconciliation, insight and inspiration. 

We will play, co-create and share through rituals designed to facilitate deep communion with ourselves and the bees. You can expect a combination of journeying, meditation, circle sharing, Soul Constellations® and earth communion. 

We hope you can join us for a really beautiful afternoon. Numbers are limited so please secure your spot to avoid disappointment.

The Ceremony will be held in the Shamanic Energy Training® Sacred Space Weaver -The White Dragon Lineage® Template. Deep love and gratitude to the wisdom keepers and teachers of this lineage.

Much love

Kate and Sara xx

Meet your Facilitators

Sara and Kate met in 2018 while training with Sharon Bolt. Over the last six years they have journeyed together training as Ceremonialists + Spirit Weavers with The White Dragon Lineage. Both Sara and Kate have been facilitating Women’s Work and Sacred Spaces for many years. 

As the world changes and evolves the call for coming together in collaboration and community is now. The time for joining forces and bringing like-minded souls together in a space of unity consciousness has never been more important. Sara and Kate are passionate about creating community spaces of co-creation, support and inspiration to seed magic into the collective. This collaboration is one of a hope to contribute to the dreaming of the new earth into being and preserve sacred teachings and harmonious ways of being for all future generations. 

About Kate Reed

Kate has been devoted to women's work her whole life. She is the founder of The Sister Circles, a heart-led business that is aimed at supporting women to understand themselves at ever deepening levels whilst they journey through life.

Now in her mid-life season, the focus of Kate's offerings are directed towards Soul growth and Spiritual awakening with her 1.1. clients and workshop participants. 

Click Here for Kate's full bio

Sara Brooke

Sara Brooke is an Energy Worker, Holistic Facilitator and Ceremonialist with over 15+ years of experience in holding sacred space. Creator of The Space In Between, a Melbourne based business that is focused on supporting individuals to come home to themselves and the magic of the earth through meditation, energy work, soundscapes and ceremony. Sara works with people who feel called to reclaim their joyful heart, creative power and authentic soul medicine. 

Full details of Sara’s 1:1 Sessions and Seasonal Group Programs can be found here

Details of of the Workshop

Date: Saturday 3rd February, 2024
Time: 3pm - 6pm (NSW time)
Location: Ocean Shores, NSW (full address will be sent to participants following registration)
Exchange: $224 (incl GST)

Pollinate - Registration