What are The Sister Circles

What are The Sister Circles?

Women have been communing in Circles throughout the ages, sometimes openly, and sometimes in secret, but always with the intention to bear loving witness to the lives of their Sisters, offering support, strength and wisdom.

Deep healing and transformation can happen when a person is ‘seen’ & held with love by others while they navigate life’s challenges.

This has a powerful ripple effect on the women who participate in these circles, that echoes through their lives in a profoundly positive way.

The Sister Circles create connection, transformation and empowerment by:

  • Allowing us the time and space to tune into our deep and wise knowing. 
  • Creating a space to hear and be heard.
  • Giving us permission to be vulnerable and raw and true. 
  • Supporting us to give and to receive.
  • Leading us to self-understanding, compassion and deep healing.
Who comes to The Sister Circle

Who comes to The Sister Circles?

Women who are:

  • Wanting to connect with their wise, creative, inspired and empowered selves.
  • Committed to taking responsibility for their own personal healing and growth.
  • Ready for change and ready to make changes.
  • Longing for more ‘juice’ out of life (more love, joy, and adventure).
  • Wanting to connect with other Sisters in their own community in a meaningful way.
  • Ready to stand together with courage and birth this new paradigm through the heart.


    How do I start a Sister Circle

    How do I start a Sister Circle?

    Level 1 - Just Starting Out

    You are feeling a big YES to the call! But how do you get started? The great news is that anyone can co-create a Sister Circle in their community with just a little help. 'The Sister Circles - A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Powerful Women’s Circles', will start you at the very beginning and lead you all the way to your first Sister Circle.

    Click here for more information.

    Level 2 - Become A Sister Circles Facilitator

    You love holding Sacred Space and are ready to take a journey into learning how to become a Sister Circles Facilitator. This in-depth training will cover everything you need to know to become a confident and inspiring Circle Facilitator. Click here for more information.

    Next Training: 3 - Day Intensive Training in Byron 21, 22nd, 23rd June, 2019.

    Facilitator Training Byron 21, 22, 23rd June, 2019

    This 'in-person' training is for women who are ready to step into Feminine Leadership.... BUT, it is a new kind of leadership. It is not a dominating, 'look at me, I am in charge' kind of leadership. It is an attitude of the heart. It is a way of being that allows for other women to connect with their own inner-wisdom as you hold space for them in a truly, authentic way.

    If you are called to this work, you know it in your bones. It is the little niggle (or a loud roar) that just won't go away until you step into the fullness of your soul contract in this lifetime.

    I have grown both personally and professionally in ways I could not have imagined since I held my first Circle over 20 year ago. I have witnessed the blossoming of more Sisters than I can count as they sit in Circle, without their 'masks' and reveal their true and beautiful hearts.

    Click Here for More Information

    The Sister Circles Facilitator Training

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