The Sister Circles Facilitator Training - Level Two

Kate Reed Level Two Facilitator Training

4 Day Immersion: Thursday 10th Nov - Sunday 13th November 2022

The path of a sacred space holder is a beautiful journey of service to the sisterhood and humanity as a whole. It is a path that cannot be denied by those who are deeply called to it.

It is a contract set in motion in another time and place to gather women and create spaces of high frequency healing that allows for soul remembering on a multi-dimensional level.

The Level Two Facilitator Training is a deep dive into your own individual and unique medicine. It is an opportunity to rediscover and reignite your Soul gifts and activate your purpose and calling in this life, so you can step fully into your role as a lantern-holder for the women of your community, as they also cross the bridge of remembrance. 


Who is this Training for?

This Training is for graduates of the Level One Facilitator Training who are ready to:

o    Work more intentionally with ritual, ceremony, elemental magic and the alchemy of universal energy when hosting your Circles and Workshops.

o   Learn about the energetic patterns and cycles that live within us and also outside of us and how when we align with these cycles and energies, we can understand ourselves on a deeper level and work with the natural flow of universal energy.

o    Learn about the Celtic Medicine Wheel and how to begin to work with the elements and the directions with right intention, to help support you as a space holder. This includes opening and closing an elemental medicine wheel cleanly and safely whilst working with the five elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether/Spirit.

o    Learn how to create rituals and ceremonies that mark the cycles of the Wheel of the Year (the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice). This includes the historical significance of these key points in our seasons and how to work with the potent energies of the natural and cosmic realms on these dates. Additionally, you will learn how to work with particular elements and plant allies to enhance healing, release and manifestation for the women who attend your Circles.

o    Learn about the cultural, psychological and energetic significance of Rites of Passage and why they are so needed in this world at this time. We will cover the phases of Maiden, Mother, Maga and Crone and how to honour these stages for proper integration on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. We will explore powerful rituals and ceremonies that will allow for celebration and deep connection within your community.

o    Explore and strengthen your connection to your ancestral lineage and your own intuition/higher self and travel more deeply into the sacred container of your heart as a portal of divine grace and healing for the women in your Circles.

What to Expect At The Training

This Level Two Training is for those of you who are ready to deepen your capacity as a Facilitator in your current Circles and create new opportunities to bring women together to honour and celebrate the cycles of Mother Earth and the Rites of Passage we go through in this life.

The Training will span four days during which time, we will move deeply into the wisdom of the Feminine where we have greater access to our own medicine as well as the collective consciousness. Together we will weave a space of ‘no-time’ and call forth our inner Priestesses to guide us to remember and embody this work.

Like the Level One Training, the teachings will be a combination of short lectures followed by experiential practices so that you have an embodied 'knowing' and 'remembering' of this work.

The four days will be deep and enriching as we complete rituals, initiations and experience joyful co-creation with our Sisters and our spirit allies.

On Sunday afternoon we will complete the Training with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony in the Shamanic Energy Training ® multi-dimensional Medicine Wheel Template to celebrate your journey into the next level of service to the Sisterhood.

I couldn't be more excited to share this work with you all!

What to Expect After The Training

It is my greatest wish that the training awakens in you the confidence to weave your own unique medicine and feel confident to:

o Start to work with an Celtic Medicine Wheel when holding your Sister Circles (there are many layers to learning the medicine wheel and this Training is aimed at an introductory level)

o Deepen your understanding and relationship with your benevolent ancestors and how important this connection is for support and guidance as a space holder

o Learn about magical herbs and plants as allies that can assist when holding Circles and Rituals

o Offer Rites of Passage (Blessing-ways) and High Holy Day Celebration Circles (Solstices and Equinoxes) within your communities using the templates provided in the Manual

Additionally, the immersion will activate a deep 'knowing' that you are divinely guided on this path of service to the Sisterhood which in turn will allow you to trust your own unique gifts as you bring them forth to share with your community.

What Traditions is this Work Based On?

The concepts and teachings that are shared in the Level Two Facilitator Training are based on the work of many great teachers with whom I have had the privilege of studying under over the past 20 years.

As a student, practitioner and teacher, I always need to make sense of what I am learning on a personal level. I don't and won't take on concepts as 'truth' unless I have had a direct experience of the concept within my own life. This is the slower path, but ultimately for me, the truer path. Much of what is contained in this course has had many years of percolation in my life, until something clicks from 'understanding' to 'knowing'. It is from this place that I teach.

I feel strongly that I am divinely led to where I need to travel to, or what teacher I need to work with, or what course or workshop I need to attend. As such, over the last 10 years I have been on an intense journey of deep immersion in the world of magick, ceremony, ritual and Spirit. I have travelled to the lands of my ancestors to connect with the powerful frequencies of energy portals and sacred sites. I have sat with medicine women and men in ceremony whilst navigating different dimensional realities. I've co-created workshops on witch work, dream-weaving and spirit babies.

I have furthered my studies in Soul-Realignment - reading the Akashic Records with Andrea Hess and Geomancy / Earth Magic with world renowned teachers Jewels Rocka and Richard Creighton.

For the past 7 years I have undergoing rigorous training and initiations with Shamanic Energy Training ® and am currently studying to be a Shamanic Magician through The White Dragon Lineage which they represent. I have attended Sacred Space Weaver, Spirit Weaver and Shamanic Practice Training with Shamanic Energy Training ® and also participated in The Empress and the Dragon Womb Clearing Programme ®which focuses on deep womb healing.

I have attended ancestral connection immersion with Daniel Foor and Lila Lieberman and am continuing to deepen my understanding and connection to this important work.

I have also been inspired by the wonderful work of Jane Hardwicke Collings through her books and videos.

I have worked with herbs, and plants and crystals and spells and the list goes on...

It has been quite an initiation for someone who comes from such a mainstream academic background (MA in Counselling), but because of this, I practice a high level of scrutiny and discernment which I know has helped me sort the gold from the not-so-gold. I am grateful for everything I have called in, and my world is so much richer for embracing and exploring the greater mysteries of life beyond our perceived 3D reality.

I believe that we all have pieces of the puzzle. We all have our own unique medicine, and when we come together in the spirit of collaboration and a willingness to open our hearts and REMEMBER our truth, we re-awaken to the extraordinary magic that surrounds and inhabits us.

'This sacred time together illuminated parts in my process and within myself that were missing and very much needed.
With Kate’s loving support and grounded way of being, I felt held, supported and seen as I met my edge.
Guiding us individually and collectively as a circle of sisters to connect in more deeply with ourselves as individuals and as a group.
I am changed from this priceless experience in a way that words cannot do justice. My heart, my being, my soul are better for it in countless ways, that I know will be revealed for years to come.
Thank you dear Kate for following your calling, I am beyond grateful for your willingness to hold space and share your wisdom in the way that you do. I am, the world is, blessed for having your powerful medicine.' Recent Testimonial


Sister Circles Level 2 was just amazing.  Such a special time to step out of our regular lives and connect with kindred spirits and gather to do some deep work.  Kate reconnects us and reminds us of the things we “seem” to have forgotten about. She is one of the special whisperers, who helps us to remember our own power and sacredness. She has wisdom and guidance beyond her years. I am in awe of her energy to create and teach in such a beautiful and insightful way, and her incessant drive to keep producing such ground-breaking and much needed work.  Through her courses and circles, I have been truly inspired.

Many blessings, Michele

On my journey of self discovery and a passion for helping others I was fortunate enough that spirit directed me to Kate Reed and her divine Sister Circle Facilitation Training. I had no idea how profound and life changing this work would be.

My trainings with Kate have opened my eyes and heart to new possibilities, new ways of being in this world and bought me to an understanding of what had been missing in my life on a deep level.

From the magick of holding a sacred circle to rites of passage, an understanding and re-connection to the traditions of our ancestors, cycles of life, the seasons and our great Mother Earth…I now have a blueprint to remember myself and others as the magical beings that we are and to connect strongly with this knowing.

I am forever grateful to Kate for her generosity, wisdom and dedication to this work, it has been an incredible blessing to remember the old ways to bring deep healing to myself, my family, community and ultimately the planet.

This is by far the most transformational shift in my consciousness.



If you feel called to take the next steps on this path, I would love you to join me at my Sacred Space in Byron. Spaces will be limited to ensure individual attention and a deposit of $330 will hold your place while you plan your finances and travel arrangements. (Please note that if travel restrictions are activated prior to the course dates, the Training will move online over an 8-week period.)

Your investment in this 4-day Level Two Training:

  • Early Bird Discount: $1777 (incl GST) if paid in full by 1st August, 2022
  • Regular Price: $1999 (incl GST) due by 17th Oct, 2022
  • Payment Plans Available on request

This includes:

o   Four days of face-to-face teaching with Kate Reed covering all the topics mentioned above

o   A comprehensive Level Two Facilitator Training Manual with 8 detailed Templates for creating Rituals and Ceremonies for your women-folk

o   A Sacred Cacao Ceremony held in a multi-dimensional Shamanic Energy Medicine Wheel ® of the White Dragon lineage.

Please note this price does not include transport or accommodation.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of this course so you are fully informed before proceeding to the Enrolment Page.

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