Facilitator Training Online FAQs

Thank you for taking the time to consider attending the Level 1 Online Training with me. I understand that this Training is a commitment of your precious time, resources and energy and as such, it is important to me that you are well informed  so you can make the right decision for you.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. I hope this helps you plan accordingly so that you are able to attend the Training with an easy mind and an open heart.

What Level is this Training aimed at?

The Training is open to beginners AND advanced students. The information will meet you where you are at in your journey and the 5-week immersion in sister medicine is a beautiful and healing experience for all.

I find in each group there is a mixture of prior experience in regards to attending or running a Circle. 

Some women have never attended or run a Circle before, but have a deep knowing in their bones that they are called to this work. Others have attended or facilitated Circles or groups before and still find this fresh perspective to be rich and engaging and a confirmation of their own abilities. 

Essentially it has given them the boost of confidence they were looking for to step further into their role as a Facilitator with extra tools in the kit.

How many women go on to run Sister Circles after the Training?

The majority of women who complete the Training go on to serve the Sisterhood in some way either through Circles or Workshops AND some women come to the Training to spend time in the beautiful energy that is created because they need healing and want to learn more about holding space and self care. 

There is no pressure to get started as a Circle facilitator but there is plenty of support after the Training if that is what you would like to do.


Being a Sister Circles Facilitator is now internationally recognised as an approved modality with The International Institute for Complementary Therapist.

This means the Facilitator Training Program has been independently evaluated and complies with IICT's strict guidelines to ensure that the content and delivery of the Training are of the highest standard. 

When you graduate from the in-person Training, you are eligible for Membership with IICT, which include the option of Indemnity Insurance. For those who complete the Training Online, further assessment will be required in order to qualify for the IICT Certification.

What kind of support is offered after the Training?

Following the course you will have the opportunity to join a 'follow-up' call via Zoom to re-connect as a group. This is usually about a month after the Training. You will also be invited to join the private online Sister Circles Community Group which is a very active and supportive community of other women who have completed the Training.


The 5-week Training is hosted on a secure (password protected) online platform.

Modules will be release weekly and notification will be sent to your email inbox.

For the live in-person teaching calls, we will be meeting in Zoom. Links to these calls will be sent via email in the week leading up to the call. These calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend them.

You are welcome to take the Training at your own pace. There is no rush to finish the course within a certain time-frame, however the Q&A sessions will take place in Week 1, 3 and Week 5 of the course.