The Path of Service to the Sisterhood

Women who facilitate Sister Circles are weavers. 

We call to the women in our community - sending out a drumbeat that rises from the heart of Mother Earth. The call of the Great Mother, asking us to put down our armour, to come together in Circle and deeply acknowledge the feelings of separation and shame and betrayal that echo through the hearts of ALL women.

‘Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field I will meet you there’. Rumi

We are being called to meet ourselves and each other on that field, with trembling knees and courage in our hearts. To tend to those parts of ourselves that are fractured and to find our voice and rise collectively in feminine energy.

To be a weaver is a calling in itself. It requires us to walk into the dark valley of our wounds so we can be the lantern holders for others. It requires us to know ourselves. It requires us to be soft AND strong. It requires us to deeply understand that it is a privilege to walk this path, even on the days where we are challenged beyond what we think we can manage.

It requires humility and grace and a capacity to hold a space of unconditional love for the other women in Circle that is so needed on our planet at this time.

Becoming a sacred space holder opens the doorway to a magical existence of love, divine grace and connection to the pure feminine energy that is our birthright, and there is nothing better than that!

So, you are feeling a big YES to the call! But how do you get started? See below:

Level 1 Facilitator Training - 'Gathering the Women'

'The 3 days with you and all of the amazing women who answered the call and gathered for the Sister Circle training was phenomenal.  

My heart is truly full and holds deep gratitude for the connections forged across the weekend. 

I feel empowered to bring the Sister Circles to my community so that more women can receive the transformative medicine that sitting in circle offers.

I remembered things that had been long forgotten and not only remembered but now feel the remembering in my bones. I just know!!! Such an amazing awakening.....'  Recent Testimonial

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Facilitator Training Level 1


'This sacred time together illuminated parts in my process and within myself that were missing and very much needed.

With Kate’s loving support and grounded way of being, I felt held, supported and seen as I met my edge.

Guiding us individually and collectively as a circle of sisters to connect in more deeply with ourselves as individuals and as a group.

I am changed from this priceless experience in a way that words cannot do justice. My heart, my being, my soul are better for it in countless ways, that I know will be revealed for years to come.

Thank you dear Kate for following your calling, I am beyond grateful for your willingness to hold space and share your wisdom in the way that you do. I am, the world is, blessed for having your powerful medicine.'Recent Testimonial
Level 2 Facilitator Training