Altar Cloth Southern Hemisphere with Astrology (white)

Altar Cloth White - Southern Hemisphere
Altar Cloth White - Southern Hemisphere

Sacred Altar Cloths

Spending time at an altar that is dedicated to our journey as women gives us the chance to: 

  • catch our breaths and to tap into our deep inner knowing
  • focus our intentions and our gratitude and to seek clarity and understanding when we feel lost and confused
  • review our physical and energetic health as we cycle through our personal seasons and the seasons of the year 
  • 'power up' energetically by working consciously with the Elements and their unique and powerful qualities
  • deliberately manifest new beginnings at key point in our personal and seasonal cycles, as well as knowing when to rest and integrate 
  • connect with our Ancestors, with Gaia Sophia, with Great Spirit, and with all those who help guide our journey
  • become more rooted and more empowered individually and as part of the feminine collective
  • deepened our connection to the web of life and understand our role as co-creators of this reality

Working with the natural flow of universal energy through my cycles as a woman, and then as a physical being on this planet has led me to a deeper sense of self-understanding and self-love as well as desire to awaken this memory in other women too. This information belongs to all women and if often met with a deep sense of remembering when re-introduced. 

When you purchase an altar cloth, you will be sent a link to a free PDF download with simple instructions on how to set up and work with your wheel. 

These instructions include:

  • An overview of the wheel and how to work with an altar
  • An Introduction to the Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether) and the qualities and energies of each
  • The dates and meanings of each of the key points of celebration throughout the year (the 8 Sabbats)
  • An explanation of the 4 different phases of woman's life (Maiden ~ Mother ~ Maga ~ Crone)

In time, I will be creating an online course to help you deepen your understanding of working at an Altar and how to incorporate magic and manifestation into you practice. If you would like to be kept updated about this, please join my Mailing List.

About the altar cloths

The altar cloths are designed with love by me, Kate Reed of The Sister Circles. They are screen printed by hand in Sydney Australia.

Material: 100% cotton (complying with the Better Cotton Initiative*)

Size: 43cm x 43cm

Colour: White

These altar cloths are set up with the Directions corresponding to the direction of the sun in the Southern Hemisphere. In Australia and all countries in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and therefore the wheel turns counter-clockwise.

  • East - Air - Child/Maiden
  • North - Fire - Mother
  • West - Water - Maga
  • South - Earth - Crone
  • Centre - Ether - Spirit

The wheel is also divided into 8 festivals to honour and celebrate the natural birth, growth, harvesting, death and re-birth of all things in nature. 

  • East - Spring Equinox / Ostara 
  • North East – Beltane (bel-tayne)
  • North - Summer Solstice / Litha (Lee-tha) 
  • North West - Lammas 
  • West - Autumn Equinox / Mabon 
  • South West - Samhain (sow-en)
  • South - Winter Solstice / Yule 
  • South East - Imbolc (Im-olc)

Additionally, the corresponding astrological sun sign is plotted within the altar map so that you may also tune into how these energies are influencing and effecting you throughout the year.

Please note:

Different cultures will set their wheels up in different ways. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, North is represented by the element of Earth and South is Fire (because of the clockwise direction of the sun). Other cultures will also have their own interpretation of different archetypes. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to set up your altar, it is your own personal and physical expression of your internal experience. This particular design draws strongly from pagan traditions and the natural observance and the seasons and cycles of nature.

Postage and Handling: Free postage within Australia.

* The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future. Through BCI and its Partners, farmers receive training on how to use water efficiently, care for the health of the soil and natural habitats, reduce use of the most harmful chemicals and apply decent work principles. BCI Farmers implementing this system are licensed to sell Better Cotton.