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My name is Kate Reed and I am the founder of The Sister Circles. I welcome you with open arms and a big hug.

It is my intention to help you feel welcome to this website and provide answers to question you might have about Sister Circles and what they are all about. 

There is not one single person I know who hasn’t suffered in some way over the last few year of our evolutionary time-line. We have seen the best and the worst of humanity as we all navigate through our trauma, our conditioning, our confusion and our fear.

For me personally, I am reaching a deeper level of strength and awakening and a softening into embodied compassion for humanity and the brave souls that have decided to be here for this time in our collective evolution... But, it's not every day that I can connect to this sense of peace. Some days I am overcome with grief at the suffering in the world and the feeling of helplessness that follows. It's at this point, that I know I need to return to the practice of Circle.

‘Circle’ is important medicine at this time. Important for our sanity. Important for our emotional well-being. Important for our recovery, important for our communities and important for our personal and collective evolution.

Hearing the Call of The Circle

Women have been communing in Circles throughout the ages, sometimes openly, and sometimes in secret, but always with the intention to bear loving witness to the lives of our Sisters, offering support, strength and wisdom as we weave, and re-weave our web of love, connection, and divine feminine energy. 

Leading Sister Circles is a powerful way for you to make a significant impact on the well-being of the women who attend, their families and your community. 

The ripple effect of your Circle will echo through your lives in a profoundly positive way.

The Sister Circles create connection, transformation and empowerment by allowing us to:

  • Remember how to live in harmony with the natural flow of life
  • Journey inwards to connect with our authentic and wise selves 
  • Be witnessed and supported with kindness as we share our truth 
  • Weave our collective wisdom through our stories and experiences
  • Heal and deprogram from false ideas that have kept us small
  • Re-establish connection to joy and abundance and pure Source energy 


Sister Circles as Heart Medicine

Throughout my time as a Facilitator of Sister Circles, I have been continually and profoundly moved by the courage and raw vulnerability that women reveal when they feel deeply seen and heard by their Sisters. Each story that is shared, resonates within each of us. Their story is our story. It may have different characters and locations and timing, but the essence is the same.  

We all struggle with the same challenges of fear, overwhelm and not-enough-ness, and we all have dreams and longings for freedom and peace and happiness in our lives.

Deep healing and transformation can happen when a person is ‘seen’ and held with love by others while they navigate life’s challenges. Sharing our truth and having it lovingly witnessed in a safe space is true medicine for the Soul.

This training changed my life. And now with over 60 Circles later ... I KNOW I made the right decision. This training is loving, nurturing, inspiring, professional, educational, and simply the best thing you will ever do if you're feeling called to this beautiful work with women. Sitting in Circle continues to stoke the fire in my belly to create our Women's Village
Tanya from 'Wings of a Woman'

Start your Own Circle

Communities need safe spaces to share the complex thoughts and feelings that we are all experiencing right now. We have all endured varying degrees of stress and trauma over the past several years. We have all been stretched and tested and have turned to unhelpful but familiar copping strategies and behavioural patterns to ‘manage’ the feelings of grief and overwhelm.

What if, instead, there was an option for you to be seen and witnessed and supported in your personal experience? A place where you can freely express your fears and concerns and have them met with compassion and understanding? A place where you can share your hopes for a better future and dream it in? And what if you could provide this space for others?

A common experience for women who attend to Circle is to say at the end ‘I feel lighter’. This is because they have released held energy and stored emotions that are ‘weighing them down’ and now have more life force energy flowing through their bodies and energy fields.

This is extremely beneficial for our physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as our personal and collective evolution.

Another common experience is for women to feel ’so grateful’ for the Circle. This is because they feel understood and connected. Gratitude is a powerful antidote to depression and anxiety.

If you feel called to creative positive change in your community, I invite you to register for either The Sister Circles 3 Day Intensive or The Sister Circles Online Training (which runs for 6 weeks).

This training will offer you the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in how to hold Circles that are safe and nourishing for your participants. You will learn how to hold a balanced, trauma-informed container for deep listening and witnessing that truly has the potential to significantly improve the quality of the lives of the women who attend the Circle, including yours.

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Lv 1 Training - Online

Held online over 6 weeks with 'live' and prerecorded content.

This in-depth training will cover everything you need to know to start your journey as a Circle Facilitator.

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Lv 1 Training - In Person

Held over 3 days on person in Byron Shire NSW, Australia.

This in-depth training will cover everything you need to know to start your journey as a Circle Facilitator.

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Lv 2 Training - In Person

You loved the Level 1 Facilitator Training and are now feeling ready to take the next step into holding sacred space for:

> Seasonal Ceremonies and
> Rites of Passages Rituals

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