The Sister Circles - A Step by Step Guide

The Sister Circles - A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Powerful Women's Circle

Creating a Sister Circle is not a complicated process. It is made even easier by using this step-by-step guide which will help you get the most out of your time together.

This 40-page guide covers everything you would love to know about creating a safe and powerful Circle. The content is based on 15 years of personal and professional experience in running women’s circles and is grounded in the principles of modern psychology as well traditional wisdom from around the world.

You do not need to be any kind of expert to get a Sister Circle started. Anyone with a willing heart and a love for sharing and personal growth can EASILY gather a Circle together and experience the magic by following the Sister Circle guide book.

The Sister Circles easy step-by-step guide includes information on:

  • Calling in your Sisters to be a part of something special.
  • Setting up your space using ancient practices.
  • Opening and closing the Circle with powerful intention.
  • Designing your own Guiding Principles and Circle Agreements.
  • Creating a safe and confidential space for deep sharing.
  • Suggested topics and questions for exploration in your Sister Circle.
  • Helpful Checklists to guide you through as you get started.
  • Guided Visualisations for relaxation and focus.

"I could never of imagined the power of having women together in a Circle. It was a nourishing, enriching and very supportive space. Exactly what I needed whilst faced with some challenging decisions in my life. I gained more clarity, strength and felt empowered. These women quickly became my sisters.” Emily, 2015 (See More)

So if you are ready to dive into a journey of discovery with your fellow Sisters, download The Sister Circles Step By Step Guide today and get ready to see and feel some magic.