Circles & Workshops

rose-basket.jpgThank you for hearing the call of The Sister Circles family. I'm so happy you've stopped by!

My personal dream is that more and more (and more) Circles are created around the world until the whole planet is covered in them! Healthy, loving, empowering spaces where women are seen and heard for who they truly are, and loved and accepted for the unique gifts they bring to this world. 

Below are the various ways you can connect with this potent work:

1) Co-create your own Sister Circles in your Community

2) Become a Sister Circles Facilitator / Ambassador

3) Attend a Sister Circles Workshop with me

1) Co-create your Own Sister Circles

SisterCirclesCover_med.jpg "I could never of imagined the power of having women together in a Circle. It was a nourishing, enriching and very supportive space. Exactly what I needed whilst faced with some challenging decisions in my life. I gained more clarity, strength and felt empowered. These women quickly became my sisters.” Emily

If you are keen to hold your very own Sister Circle in your community - this is music to my ears and thank you so much!

There are women all over the world, just like you who are feeling the call to return to Circle and create sacred space with their fellow Sisters.

A great starting point is to download the Sister Circle E-Book  - A Step-by-Step guide to holding your very own Sister Circle. Specifically designed for anyone who has never held a Circle before and would love get their tribe together. This guide covers all the basics and can be found here.

2) Become a Sister Circles Facilitator

If you are called to this work, you know it in your bones. It is the little niggle (or a loud roar) that just won't go away until you step into the fullness of your soul contract in this lifetime.

This training is for women who are ready to step into Feminine Leadership.... BUT, it is an ancient kind of leadership. It is not a dominating, 'look at me, I am in charge' kind of leadership. It is an attitude of the heart. It is a way of being that allows for other women to connect with their own inner-wisdom as you hold space for them in a truly, authentic way.

There is a real art to holding sacred space and this training will take you on a deep journey into a full understanding and embodiment of the key principles of sacred communion in Circle. 

This course assumes NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE and is open to everyone. xx

It has been so incredibly beautiful to share this work with these women who are now spreading the seeds of Sisterhood within their own communities. Click here for more information.

3) Attend a Sister Circle or Workshop

Byron Shire Sister Circles - I run weekly Circles in my hometown of Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. These Sister Circles run in 5 week blocks and I limit the numbers to 9 participants to keep it juicy. If you live in the area and are interested in joining, click here for more info.

Online Sister Circles - I also run weekly online Circles via Zoom. These Sister Circles run in 5 week blocks and I limit the numbers to 9 participants to keep it juicy. Click here for more info.

Workshops - Throughout the year I offer one-day Workshops and Weekend Retreats. Join the Mailing List to keep updated.