The Sister Circles Facilitators

If you are looking for a Sister Circle in your area, we may be able to help you. The list below is growing at a steady rate as more and more women complete the Facilitator Training and choose to hold Circles in their communities.

If you are keen to attend a Circle but cannot find one in your area, I warmly invite you to consider doing the Facilitator Training and starting your own Circle, or attending an 'Online Circle'.

This list is growing each month, so please check back with us from time to time.

Kate Reed Facilitator The Sister Circles

Kate Reed

Byron Shire, New South Wales

'Kate is unlocking the door and sharing the key with all sisters who are ready to re-enter the miraculous realms of their most inner world. It is here where deep seeded wisdom swirls softly and sacred knowledge sings gently; Empowered by Kate's Sister Circles our united spirits can move freely allowing the sisterhood to awaken in the hearts of all women. 

So again, we can dance wildly on the breath of creation. 

Thank you to Kate and thank you to all Sisters x" 

~ Rheanna

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Jeanette Buchanan Facilitator The Sister Circles

Jeanette Buchanan

Pottsville, New South Wales

Women’s circles are very powerful & I believe that every woman should have the chance to sit in circle with her sisters, to be held, heard, loved, supported & to just be. I can’t explain the amazing feeling that it brings but I encourage you to reach out to someone who holds these sacred safe spaces & feel it for yourself.

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Jo Bell Cummings Facilitator The Sister Circles

Jo Bell Cummings

Port Lincoln, South Australia

“Jo offers us a chance to step out of our heads and into our hearts. She creates a space of such beauty and softness, it is a privilege to be invited into her world of creation and ritual.  I leave the circles feeling more connected to myself and inspired to make more space for my own creativity in my everyday life.”

~ Karlie Jayne

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Jules Cardillo Facilitator The Sister Circles

Jules Cardillo

Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Having sat in circle for many years whilst on my own healing transformation , “The Sister Circles” deeply resonate with me - for us all to share wisdom with each other, through all the generations .  I have witnessed not only in myself but in others, the heaviness lifted , growth , healing, compassion, sisterhood and co creation this space and work does when we are seen and held in love.

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Mindi Atkin Facilitator The Sister Circles

Mindi Atkin

Manly, Brisbane, Queensland

I believe when women gather together in circle that the energy, deep connection and co-creation generated opens up a doorway to ways of being in the world waiting to be uncovered. This is an opportunity for you to be truly seen, witnessed and honoured. 

This is not something that many women experience often if at all, I offer a nurturing and supported space for this journey to be undertaken.

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Serena Nicole

Serena Nicole

Dunoon NSW

My name is Serena Nicole and I have felt a very deep calling to create safe spaces for women to explore and express all parts of themselves.

In a world that can foster disconnection & separation, Sister Circle is the remedy.

For me Sister Circle is medicine. 

This sacred journey allows each women to unfold into her fullness through the safe and supportive embrace of sisterhood.

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Jimmie Read The Sister Circles

Jimmie Read


Wow. Before learning about The Sister Circles, how many times had I been able to sit in circle with other women who were listening attentively, acknowledging my story, and validating my experience rather than judging it? Hmmm. Let me think... None. So when my friend told me of Kate's Sister Circles, my core was aroused. I needed to know more.

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